Idea Emergence (Webinar: Sat, 10/17 at 11:00AM PST)

When it comes to the management and development of ideas using linked notes, we need new frameworks to be our best. The rigid folder-only system we all grew up with is stunting our link-based thinking. We need Fluid Frameworks…

With link-based notes for developing ideas, there are some interesting patterns that start to form. These patterns follow “Systems Thinking” and jive with terms like “emergence, divergence, and convergence.”

For example, at “Emergence Level 1” we go from the nothingness of fleeting thoughts »» to the “somethingness” of a concrete note (see below).

As we make notes that link to other notes, we enter “Emergence Level 2”.

The standard Zettelkasten Method is focused on Emergence Level 2 (pictured below). But sometimes, you want a birds-eye view—at least I do. That’s where MOCs (Maps of Content) come into play (top of the picture):

I love this entire concept and it’s been extremely helpful for my knowledge work—and I want to share it clearly with EVERYONE!

So I’m running a webinar this SATURDAY at 11:00 AM PST (Los Angeles Time).

It’s to fully introduce this awesome concept: THE 5 LEVELS OF IDEA EMERGENCE.

I’m very excited to share this with everyone here—and the broader PKM community.

If you’re interested in attending the webinar, Learn More and Register Here.

If you want a 20-second teaser of the webinar, check out this quick video. You can register below the video as well.



I’ve done my best to explain IDEA EMERGENCE in this tweet thread:

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 12.51.22 PM



  1. How can I install/integrate LYT Kit into my Obsidian app?

  2. Did you explain somewhere some of the best uses we can make of the LYT KIt?

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@nickmilo, you wrote on Twitter about Emergence 5:

At this level, your ideas have become like a relatively stable Planetary system. (someone else’s PKM would be another planet btw).

Did you give any thought to Emergence level 6, where we need to bring planets into the same orbit?

Did you meet anybody, who was working on or, at least, interested in Emergence 6?

These questions are coming from my (very sketchy) research idea: Linking Personal & Collective Knowledge Ecosystems for Nurturing Systemic Wisdom .

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Hey @Technoshaman

  1. If you go to far left of the app, around the bottom left, is the “Open New Vault” icon. Click on that, then choose the ‘find vault, choose folder’ or something like that. Then find the unzipped LYT Kit folder and click on that.

  2. If you downloaded the new LYT Kit, you should have received the link to the webinar. It has timestamped “chapters” of the best ways to consider using it.

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Haha, you are exactly right, and I thought you might have something to say about it! The next level would be interplanetary :slight_smile:

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Expect an invitation, coming in the next couple of months, to an excellent observation window on my space station, with a great view of some neighboring planets. :rocket:

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I downloaded and successfully installed it but couldn’t find what you point to neither with the File Explorer nor the search function. What am I missing?

You’re not wrong. In the webinar I somehow didn’t think to cover how to open it as a separate vault

R U suggesting to use the LYT Kit as the vault for containing our Emergence 1 to 5 or to use it as a model and source of templates to borrow from?

As a model and source of templates