Iconize not replacing icons properly: looking for alternative plugin to replace folder icons

Iconize displays the custom icon next to the standard folder icon. Today, it started displaying the icon name instead of the graphic for some icons.

I followed the provided instructions to replace icons in my Files pane. I first installed it a bit over a week ago, since then instead of replacing the standard folder icon, it is displaying the custom icon next to it:


Today, I noticed that it has started replacing some icons with the icon file name text instead:

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 12.59.41

Things I have tried

I’ve played around with different toggle settings, wondering if that’s the issue. I know that the is not how the login should function, as I’ve seen screenshots of it working properly.

I’ve also ensured the plugin is up to date, and turned off another icon plugin I have (Icons).

Lastly, I have raised a ticket on GiHub, but it hasn’t received a response.

Can anyone recommend an alternative plugin?

There aren’t any folder or file icons using the default theme (folders have the collapse icon), so those are most likely coming from your theme or a CSS snippet.

edit: I just noticed the vault icon next to the vault name in someone else’s screenshot. They were using the Border theme. There’s likely a setting to disable the folder icons that Border puts there.

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Thanks for this. I didn’t realise it would be the theme. For anyone else that encounters this, I was able to remove the folder icons using the ‘Style Settings’ plugin: Components > File Explorer > Remove Custom Icon

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