Icon to close current pane in mobile

Right now to close an opened pane you have to click on the three dots of the right pane and again on the three dots of the next pane to show the option to close that file.
For me it would much easier with an icon to close the window of that file next to the pin icon.
Something like this:

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As a workaround you could add the “Close Active Pane” command to the mobile toolbar for easy access.

Okey, thanks. That is a good solution but you left one icon space from the bottom bar.

I highly recommend the Advanced Mobile Toolbar plugin. I get two rows, custom icons, and a persistent toolbar.


Something some of us have learned: if you click and hold the three dots, you get the second menu and can immediately close the pane.

Totally hidden and does not obviate your request. But a workaround you can use for now.

Mmm, I see…

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