iCloud Sync vs Obsidian Sync

Hey fellow Obsidian users,
I’m currently using iCloud for syncing my notes, images, pdfs, videos etc used in Obsidian.
I recently noticed that it takes longer and longer to open my Vault on my iPhone (~10sec) and this screen shows up every time I open the app.

For anyone who switched from iCloud to Obsidian Sync. Do you still see a comparable screen or does Obsidian take care of the syncing in the background without interruptions on start of the app? (at least most of the time?) Is the app start more or less instant with Obsidian Sync?

I do know from the documentation that Obsidian Sync does not sync in the background, it syncs only when the app is running.

I currently use an app called Syncthing, which is a free sync tool that runs in the background and keeps stuff in sync at all times so whenever I start Obsidian it is already up-to-date (however, this may consume more battery power on your mobile devices, and since it’s not a cloud solution it requires the master/origin sync point - in my case the laptop - to be running to fetch new updates)

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That screen is specific to iCloud. Obsidian requires all vault files to exist in disk, but iCloud tries to save space by sometimes removing files from local storage and leaving placeholders, so Obsidian has to redownload them.

This thread contains both some comparison of the 2 services and some possible ways to refresh iCloud’s speed: "Waiting for iCloud to synchronise Obsidian configuration files…" - very slow every time you switch to Obsidian on iPhone

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