iCloud sync stuck in pending on Windows

What I’m trying to do

Created an Obsidian vault on iOS in iCloud. Copied old vault content to this vault via iCloud for Windows.

Things I have tried

Across multiple vaults and machines/devices, iCloud for windows consistently gets stuck on the vault and says “sync pending”. sometimes it will still sync files in this state, but sometimes it won’t. Does anyone else have this issue?

Not the answer you want to hear, but the official auto-response in the Obsidian Members Group Discord when someone mentions iCloud on Windows is:

iCloud on Windows is known to cause file duplication and corruption issues. We highly suggest avoiding using this combination.

A web search of “sync pending windows icloud” turned up a bunch of hits with folks reporting various levels of success.


Agreeing with @ariehen

iCloud is nice, but barely functional on Windows. I use it, and have found it to be most reliable if you force-quit Obsidian on all other devices before using it on your Windows machine

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