iCloud sync Mac to Mac

Searched here for anything helpful. Did spot this unanswered report of similar (non) behavior betwixt iPad and Mac.

What I’m trying to do

Simple. I want to be able to create a vault on one of my Macs — either my Mac mini or my MacBookPro — and be able to access it from the one with the vault saved on my iCloud Drive.

Things I have tried

Created a new vault on my Mac mini at 11AM today in my iCloud Drive. Now at 16:30 it still does not appear on my MBP neither in the Finder window for my iCloud Drive nor therefore as an available vault in the Obsidian program.

Both devices are logged in with the same Apple ID. I can see the other vaults stored on my iCloud Drive but not this new one.

I also had a lot of trouble with this (Although I was trying to do iPhone/Mac/Windows sync – Total agony)

Anyway, can you confirm the actual location of the vault? Like where was it originally created; in your iCloud, or locally on one of your macs

It was ceated in the Obsidian directory of my iCloud Drive. I can see it and open it on my Mac mini, wihch is where I created it, but it does not show up in that directory on my MBP. As I wrote previously both the Mac mini and the MBP are logged into the same Apple ID. Other files/folders/etc are visible on both machine but not the new vault.

Would have created in my Dropbox but intend to access it from not only the mini and MBP but also my iPhone and iPad. As synching Obsidian vaults stored on Dropbox and modified from iOS devices is


a bitch

iCould was my choice.

If I drag it out of the iCloud Drive on the Mac and stash it in Dropbox it is instantly available on the MBP!

If I drag it off Dropbox to iCloud Drive from the MBP it appears there but now the Mac Mini throws a fissy fit when I try to open it in Obsidian. Actually both the Mac Mini and MBP throw mutal hissy fits about the re-moved vault!!!

I had this problem. I signed out of iCloud on the Mac and then signed back in (after backing up my vault, of course) and then it started syncing properly again.

If you try this and get a message that certain files will be deleted from the Mac but retained on iCloud Drive, don’t worry - they’ll be synced back to the Mac when you sign back in.

It’s been two or three weeks since I did this and syncing has worked fine since,

Thanks that seems to have worked — in as much as Finder for both the Mac and the MBP show the directories and the .md files — but it is rather messy to have to sign out of and back into iCloud Drive to get Obsidian Vaults to appear.

Not sure if it is related or not but iCloud Drive seems to get stuck on downloading some files to the Mac mini. I have no idea how to identify which files might be blocking the download.

Not sure that this problem has been solved or a solution provided. The trick from @garryknight is very much a workaround that could well need repeating rather than the problem being solved. There is a second workaround provided by members of the MPU forum of using

killall bird

to kick iCould into working. It too is not a solution.