iCloud Sync Help

Things I have tried

I’ve tried following the directions outlined in the obsidian help sections to no avail. I’ve tried searching ‘iCloud sync’ but the results I found did not speak to my particular issue

What I’m trying to do

I am new to obsidian and I’m trying to set up the program on my MacBook and on my iPhone. I would like to be able to sync my notes across my devices and I would like to use iCloud as I already subscribe to this service. I have set up my vaults in iCloud drive on my computer and I have iCloud turned on for obsidian on my phone. I see that the vault names do sync. If I set up a vault on my computer, it shows on my phone. But weirdly, NONE of the files sync! I thought maybe iCloud was just being slow, but even overnight, when I checked this morning, the files do not sync. I have vault names but none of the content from my computer makes it to my phone and vice-versa. Please help!

Update: After a lot of grief I have managed to get iCloud to sync my files but it only syncs in ONE direction! If I edit on my iPhone, it will show up on my new MacBook. However, if I edit (same vault) on my MacBook (for example, I wrote a new test file/note) it will NOT show up on my iOS version. So weird! Has anybody encountered this and know what’s going on???

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