iCloud Sync has suddenly stopped

Things I have tried

  • reinstalling icloud on my computer (i’m using the old version of icloud, since the new one generates extra files)
  • removing the vault from my computer and re-adding it

What I’m trying to do

About two weeks ago, I noticed that the content I wrote on my daily notes on my phone (iPhone 12) isn’t showing up on my laptop (Thinkpad x1, winOS 11). Likewise, notes on my laptop aren’t showing up on my phone. I also noticed I wasn’t gettin notifications in the top right corner to let me know that syncing was happening. As a student, I’m taking notes every day, so it can add up when things don’t get synced.

I removed the vault from Obsidian on my laptop, but even when I re-open it, the same files seem to be the same, daily notes missing what’s on my phone, other notes that I’ve written on my laptop not showing up on my phone.

I’m not sure what else to do except completely rebuild the sync from scratch. Anyone else having this issue?

iPhone 12 is on iOS 15.4.1 (only updated to .1 today though).

edit 1: i have moved everything into a local vault again and attempted to recreate a new folder following the official icloud sync instructions. still when i make a test.md file on my phone, it does not show up on icloud on my desktop.

edit 2: i deleted obsidian from my phone and icloud from my computer. working on a fresh install of both again.

edit 3: it looks like icloud sync is still not working. I have moved everything locally and might just have to work off my computer for now : /. i could try using the latest version of icloud instead of the win 7/8 downgrade but i dont want to deal with the potential headache of getting duplicate files everywhere again.

Edit 4 2022-05-16: I tried again with both with the iCloud for win 8 (which kept saying it needed to be repaired and took a very very long time to sync) and win 10 (which generates a bunch of duplicates). Both of these are not viable options.

maybe something in here

@pmbauer none of these are relevant to my issue. i’ve been using icloud sync fine up to two weeks ago. this is the closest in description, but it’s convoluted in its “solution” and seems to have been intended for someone setting up the icloud sync from scratch and not experiencing a sudden disconnect from sync.

Lots of people have issues with iCloud and windows. Only given the details you’ve provided, the best anyone wanting to help can do is give general advice (try setting up from scratch, which you’ve done), search the forum, or ask more questions like what’s changed, etc.

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@pmbauer yes, i am aware that many people have icloud and windows sync issues which is why i created a new issue report as I’ve read through them all. most of these issues are related to icloud generates lots of extra files, usually because obsidian sync + icloud are both on, or the latest version of icloud is not compatible (thus requiring the 7/8 downgrade), or something similar. i made sure to note when i started noticing this issue was happening and what versions my devices are on in the case that this is related to a recent update on some platform.

Okay, good to know and glad you’ve looked. I’m sorry I can’t help more with this one. Explaining what you’ve done, already looked at, and any oddities with your setup will help others who can. Good luck.

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