iCloud seems supported but I have a question

I would like to start using the mobile app on my iPad

Perusing the docs I now see that iCloud seems supported, but I’d like to understand:

  1. Why is it supported?
  2. In line with point 1, what makes it different to supporting gdrive or dropbox?
  3. Is this as simple as storing your vault folders on your iCloud Drive and point the desktop and mobile app to the same place and presto, it just works?

I’m hoping to understand the mechanics to satisfy a nagging feeling about whether this is a safe option - I.E. will i wake one day to realise that notes are missing or gone

I need to use iCloud as the 4Gb limit for Obsidian Sync is not enough for my purposes

If iCloud truly works then I’m going to, gladly, donate more to this project :slight_smile:

Thanks to anyone willing to explain this


It’s supported because apple provides a lower level API for working on directories.

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Yes that’s what I read. My link was 2 headings up :slight_smile:

I know you, probably, don’t have time to give anything more in-depth but is there an article that I can read on what makes iCloud so different? Even a link to some or the other apple doc

I assume, my point 3 is accurate. I still need to get around to trying

Many Thanks for such an awesome product :slight_smile:

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