iCloud files do not stay offline local

I use Obsidian on Mac and iPhone. The problem I have is that it crashes on iPhone but I know why: even though I have plenty of space left (60gb+) on the iPhone, the iCloud files need to constantly re-download, it’s like the OS deletes them locally… I have no idea why!!! Is there a way to prevent them to be erased??? Makes the iOS app unusable for me. If I long-press the Obsidian folder and select “Download now” and it downloads everything again, it all works nice. But every week I Have to do this process!

This is about iCloud, so I’ve moved this to Help.

For Obsidian crashing, more info would be needed. But see the debugging steps to try and narrow that down. But if you find a reproducible bug, please follow the template for bug reports.

First, search the help docs and this forum. Maybe your question has been answered! The debugging steps can help, too.

For iCloud not keeping local files, there are several discussions about this in the forum if you search. There are some “optimize” settings you can turn off. I don’t know about iPhone personally. Search results for 'icloud optimize' - Obsidian Forum

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