iCloud Drive files being "optimized" on Mac and need to be re-downloaded from cloud

A week ago or so I moved my vault to iCloud Drive in order to sync with the iOS mobile app. This morning when searching my vault I was not turning up files I knew were in there. I opened the finder and saw that many markdown files in my vault had the little “download” icon, suggesting that they had been deleted locally and needed to be downloaded from the cloud again. This is frustrating because these files were created on the Mac and the hard drive has ample space, so they should not have been cleared. I know this is an iCloud issue, so perhaps not an Obsidian issue, but I have several apps that use iCloud Drive syncing like this and I haven’t run into this issue before. Not sure what can be done to troubleshoot or insure that these files aren’t “optimized” away and remain on the local device.

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