iCloud became disabled for Obsidian on one of my devices

What I am trying to do

I’m trying to access my vault in iCloud on the device that no longer recognizes it - while all my other devices still access the vault.

The Problem

Today after a device restart iCloud became disabled for Obsidian on that device.

Background - Devices and usability:

My vault is located in my iCloud. It has always been available to my Mac, iPhone and my two iPads and syncs as expected. (Now it’s not available on my primary iPad since a restart this morning. Yet Obsidian continues to work perfectly for my other three devices.)

Background of my account:

I started using Obsidian on my Mac, iPads and iPhone soon after it became available for Apple iPad. I believe I set up Obsidian with a username (not an email address) at least that is the way the login is stored in my Safari password vault.

How it happened:

Today, I had some minor issues with Obsidian on my primary iPad, so I shut down and restarted my iPad. When I then open Obsidian I was presented with a message in red text that read, “You cannot access or create vaults in iCloud because it’s disabled for Obsidian”. The only actions offered are, “Setup Obsidian Sync” or “Create new Vault”

Things I have tried

I already have a vault so I select “Setup Obsidian Sync” thinking this will give me access to my existing vault in iCloud. A page opend and requests my email address and password. However, my Safari password vault returns my username (not email address) and my password. None of my emails addresses work when entered with my password.

So I try “Forgot my password”. When I enter each of my email addresses, in turn, into “Forgot my password” I receive a response on the page, “We have sent an email to < email address > to reset your password” for each. However, No emails are received.

My Questions:

  1. Is it possible that I setup without an email address? (I checked my password vault and there is no email associated with Obsidian.)
  2. If I setup with an email address why does it not send me a link to reset my password?
  3. Why do I continue to have access to my iClound md files on my other devices, but not on my primary iPad?
  4. How do I go about to resolve this?

“Setup Obsidian Sync” is for the Obsidian Sync service, which you’re not using, so you can ignore that.

I don’t know why iCloud was disabled for Obsidian, but you should be able to fix it in iOS Settings > (Your name) > iCloud > (“Apps using iCloud”) Show all.

Thank you so much!
I was able to fix it there.
The strange thing was that Obsidian was turned on to allow access. What I did was turn it off and then on again and now I am allowed to reconnect to my iCloud vault.

Ah, the classic “turn it off and back on again” technique! A passing iOS glitch, maybe.


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