iCloud and Obsidian Sync confusion on iPhone


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx

Morning All,

Hopefully, just a simple bit of clarification needed!!

I mainly use Obsidian on my Mac and have my vault housed in a folder that is synced through iCloud (by accident rather than decision).

I generally use Obsidian Sync to move across devices, however when installing Obsidian on a new iOS device, the setup detected the presence of “Jim’s Vault” in iCloud - which I foolishly selected (rather than setting up Obsidian Sync).

I now have Obsidian synchronised on the iOS device through iCloud when I want to use Sync…
When I try to delete the iCloud vault off the iOS device there’s a scary warning about the deletion being unreversible!!

My question is:

  • If I delete the iCloud syncd vault off my iOS device, will it delete the iCloud vault too (which is, in fact, my main working vault on my Mac)?



I believe it will. I think you need to just leave it alone and setup a Sync vault separately.

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