I wrote a game-changing plugin, but i won't release it

I don’t want to disclose any details since it is very good and unique plugin that honestly power-charged my note-taking and made second-brain method to be much easier now.

The thing is - I want to make money from it.

I thought about hosting the code in a remote server and injecting it obsidian using a custom bridge (I’m still inspecting this method), but I would honestly prefer not to.
Are donations actually a thing? I know that honestly I’ve never bothered to donate, but also never go out of my way to unblock paywalls if I think the product actually is good.

Any advice?

Proposed solution

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

I go out of my way to donate, or pay for, programs I use regularly or where I wish to support future development whether I expect to use them or not. But I only do this when I have a clear idea of what they hope to achieve.

Some developers do well with donations, but many don’t. I certainly wouldn’t pay for a plugin that hosted the code in a remote server and then injected it. Security nightmare I would have thought. And I’m not sure I’d be inclined to rely on a developer who even imagined that might be a good idea.


I saw the interactions in your Reddit thread.

I don’t see much respect for the community in your replies. And since this is your very first post here, I suggest you read our Code of Conduct.

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This is framed as a “simple question”, but with the context of your interactions in the Reddit thread, here’s my advice: Hang around and contribute in the community (any community) for a while before making any more posts like these.

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