I would need to export using a dotx template

What I’m trying to do

I am relatively new to Obsidian and have used it for basic note taking for a few weeks.

I recently joined a company where I need to send any communication in Word using a dotx template they provided me.
The template looks fine but it is a hassle, everytime I need to communicate something to someone, to open the dotx template, copy the text I need to communicate from Obsidian and paste it into the Word document.
I was wondering if I could either use this dotx template and apply it to a note directly in Obsidian or export to Word using this template.

Things I have tried

  • Installed Pandoc which works fine, except that I haven’t understood if I can export using a dotx template.
  • Looked online and in this forum but apparently didn’t use the right wording because I couldn’t find anything completely relevant.

Looks like you might need to make a docx from the dotx to use as a template for pandoc.

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