I would like to have links from an svg file to other files in my vault

Things I have tried

  href="note.md" in an .svg file where note.md is in my vault.

What I’m trying to do

Click on the svg element and have obsidian open note.md.

You have an svg element embed in a note and want that this element works as a link to another note?

I do not want the entire embedded svg to be a link, but I have an embedded svg diagram with say two circles and inside the svg I have href=note1.md for one circle and href=note2.md for the other circle. I want to press either circle and be taken to the appropriate note.

I don’t know well how to work “inside” svg (I just create svg in another app as graphic elements, never thinking in it as a more interactive element).

But just applying some logic, you need to be attention to this: an internal link is a special class (class="internal-link"). So, you need to add a class or - I’m note sure - changing the “href” to an obsidian app url format - similar to “obsidian://open?vault=…”

What app do you use to make svg? I am using inkscape and it has a “link” menu item for individual graphic elements. I believe it is a standard.

It’s a graphic tool - Sketch - for mac. But doesn’t has any feature to add links.
I don’t know if it’s a standard or not. However, you need to format your html code in way to be understood as an internal link.
If you use an external link (e.g. href=“https://www.nytimes.com”) it works?

No, an external link does not work in obsidian. I am now trying your suggession of href=obsidian://open?vault=obsidian1&name=note1

Why don’t you try the Excalidraw plugin? I never tried, but maybe it works in the way you want.

I will try GitHub - zapthedingbat/drawio-obsidian: Draw.io plugin for obsidian.md but I need to take a break and get back to this … thanks for the help so far.

I am also looking for this, because SVG itself can support text search and mapping (link to a certain part of the page, or external link),
but Obsidian does not seem to be able to parse it completely.

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