I want to make several header with one name and linked to one note and I want the content of the header to be exported or added to the header note

Things I have tried

I tried using ![[]] but it only adds the name, or 1 sentence of the whole content of the header.

What I’m trying to do

I know it sound complicated, but its relatively simple. so the first notes is my table of content. and there I wrote the header “Named Reactions” as link so that there I can read all the named reactions I have made. These named reactions are split into several types and I want to write all the details there. After I write the details, I don’t want to just copy paste everything everytime. So I want to link these content to my link “Named Reactions”, which becomes the collection of all of my writing, spanning several notes.

For example if I make a linked note “alphabets” and it contains alphabets and words that start with it (a = apple, b = blueberry, c = cherry, d = durian). but these data are already written in the note fruits with the header “alphabets”. I just need to add it in but I don’t know how.

I would love to add some pictures
it’s what I did to try and solve this

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