I want to disable New Table editor (v1.5.3), but I can't see how


Thank you to the Obsidian team for improving the table editor!

However, I was perfectly happy with the previous one, because it was compatible with the Advanced Tables community plugin. It is very fast. You just press “Tab” for new columns, and “enter” for new lines.

Is there a way to disable the new editor? I find it kinda slow, albeit very user-friendly.

OR: can the team keep the compatibility with “Advanced Tables”? Like I said, that plugin is very efficient, and therefore a pity to not be able to use it

Thank you!


Given that the creator of the Advanced Tables plugin is part of the Obsidian Team now and most likely the driving factor behind the integration of the table editor, I would think that the plugin will be kept up to date with the new changes.

However, it seems that your usecase was intentionally removed for live preview mode with the latest update of Advanced Tables because of conflicts with WYSIWYG mode (Release 0.20.0 · tgrosinger/advanced-tables-obsidian · GitHub).

You could assign hotkeys to your liking to the new commands for the integrated table editor like: Add column after/before, Add row after/before, etc.

That should give you a fairly similar workflow.

Not gonna lie guys, new table functionality is a regression compared to existing advanced tables plug-in; would second a patch for compatibility with existing advanced tables plug-in and/or some more explicit editor options. The new table editing functionality is also quite clunky to use with Vim mode.


The FR is here for toggling off the new functionality.


I would like to +1 the request for an on/off toggle.
Tables are v.hard to use for me right now (and some other peeps, ticket raised)

Agreed - Ability to disable the new editor would be really nice.

There appears to be a lot of undesirable/glitchy behaviour with the new table editor that feels like it needs a little more time in the oven to be fully baked.

In particular:

  • I tend to find it’s far too easy to add new columns. (By easy I mean that I keep finding that I’ve accidentally added a new column without realising it).
  • It looks very nice in the obsidian gui, but prevents you from managing whitespace padding so that it becomes unreadable in plain text (which seems contrary to the spirit of markdown). (If I wasn’t interested in the files being readable as plain text - I would probably be using a different tool).
  • The inability to see the raw content makes it quite difficult to copy/paste rows.

I’m going to agree with the need for this but also add a different reason for it.

I’ve never used the Advanced Table Plugin because I want to edit the text representation. I’ve used various Markdown editors for years, and still use other editors for other tasks involving Markdown tables.

With the new table feature I’m fine when I first create a table, but then when I need to edit it I’m not able to just keep working and instead end up needing to use the new interface.

I’m not a table guy (not one of Patroclus’s nine dogs) but I seem to have seen at least 2-3 updates on the Advanced Table plugin recently, so maybe there are new settings there that help alleviating the pain caused?

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