I want a system/method to improve my answer writing skill

And make the road to my educational goals that much smoother.

Instead of cramming raw chunks of information into my head whenever I need them, trying to hold onto those chunks (that are completely isolated from all the relevant information, without any awareness or understanding of what I already know & don’t), Then forgetting most of it before the next test, and wasting INCREDIBLE amounts of time in this stupid endeavour all year round.

I want to Just, Let my brain comprehend the information that I NEED, When it’s NECESSARY, In a way, they are MEANT to be comprehended.
That’s what I’m looking for.

Obsidian is incredible when it comes to helping me learn new things & create new thoughts.
Notion is incredible at helping me manage the information and data that I’m fully aware of.
to improve my answers and to learn, in a more effective manner, I NEED to link these two.

Here’s what I want:

  1. Track the Mental Links (i.e. [[ —]] ) outside Obsidian/Rome notes.

  1. Study my Questions → Keywords → Answers. ( both handwritten & text)
  2. Analyze the Mental Links I have used in my answers.
  3. Track the trend, i.e.
    4a. Which Mental Links do i use more often?
    4b. Which Mental Links do i ignore?
    4c. which wrong/incorrect Mental Link do i use?
    4d. Which keyword(s) trigger Which link(s)?
  4. Create a visual representation (i.e. an Obsidian graph & a Kanban board) to represent the week, mediocre, strong & in-correct links .

  1. Create an ideal (&/or) improved version of the Mental Link graph & Kanban board for each Question template.

  1. Have a mechanism to compare the Mental Link graphs & Kanban boards of all these 3 elements. (notes + Answers + ideals Answers)

And using that,

  1. Create an Updated (&/or) Ideal Mental Link graph & Kanban board for each topic & Keyword in that subject.
  2. Create an Updated (&/or) Ideal Mental Link graph & Kanban board for each Question template.

  1. find a way to make this a Cyclical Evergreen process, i.e.
    10a. Keep improving the answers/ comprehension based on the old feedback, and.
    10b. Find ways to enhance the answers with newly learnt/taught/ discovered information based on their respective Mental Link’s relation to the pre-established knowledge (info. that I am familiar with and have strong mental links for).

  1. Do this for each subject in my syllabus.
  2. Combine all the subject data into one holistic Syllabus data.
    12a. Represent that as an Obsidian graph & a Kanban board.

  1. Create another level(s) of hierarchy/importance above this information. i.e. The time sensitivity element,
    13a. This will increase/decrease the level of importance of each Mental Link across the syllabus, based on the predetermined test/exam schedule.
    13b. This will increase/decrease the level of importance of each Mental Link across the syllabus, based on the importance of each exam on the exam schedule.

  1. I/anyone can see their Overall Comprehension, Strengths, Weaknesses & Things to focus on From this graph + board system, and can EASILY layout their steps for improvement (which has already been half done with this system) & can EASILY gather the information needed to do that.

If I have this, in fact, I believe, if ANYONE has this, they can learn ANY academic information with ABSOLUTE EASE. Just by (1) knowing their goals & (2) Taking Notes. conditions applied
It will also make it INCREDIBLY EASY for ANYONE to, Learn, Understand, Comprehend & Implement VAST amounts of information, with EASE. again conditions applied

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ooh! thanx a lot.
i was wondering if it’s supposed to go there. now we know.

But, i don’t know where to even start un-packing this.
i Was hoping for a “shut-up and take my money approach” (well as long long as it doesn’t exceed $40/month.)
but, yes, i will try to break these down if i figure out how/what to tackle.

again, thank you :slight_smile:

Hobo, I came across your post by chance.

I wonder, How far did you get in your quest since 8 months?

As a life-long student one can relate well to what and how you are thinking. Great memories. Wonderful.

Learning Latin, a so called “dead language” was especially challenging at first. Growing up near France, it was the first language to learn. Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin came as obligation in my university “career”. How fortunate and lucky we were! In our first company we needed to process various, multifaceted information to fulfill very diverse stakeholders. I remember it sometimes like a dance; at least we had good music during our “long nights and pizza” events.

Although your thinking appears logical, you seem to forget an important function, how the brain is stimulated and stores information and most importantly recalls the relevant ones.

Do you remember where the bakery is in your hometown and how the smell was when you entered? I remember vividly how the ladies greeted me in their business and the atmosphere in that room and how they made me feel before slouching on to my swimming class after paying the same amount again.

  • How could I and why should I forget them?

May it helps you.
Sincerely, N