I Switched to Obsidian from Roam and Wrote a Lot of Thoughts About It

I posted this in the Obsidian subreddit, but figured I’d post to the official forum as well in case the article is helpful to others. I apologize if this breaches a forum policy that I’m not aware of.

I was a fairly avid Roam user for the last ~8 months, but have recently made the full jump over to Obsidian. I couldn’t be happier. The recent upgrades to graph functionality, boolean searches and now block references are exceptional, the community is amazing and I have full faith in the developers when it comes to the planned roadmap and future of the application.

The most recent Obsidian advances prompted me to explore in greater detail my switch from Roam and resulted in this 6000 word article highlighting the differences between the two applications that I find most interesting:


Nice write-up. :clap:


Really nice post, thanks a lot!
I happen to be in a similar situation. I am quite happy with my use of Roam, but I am progressively working more and more with Obsidian. It is really impressive, and I specially love the fact that it is more personal, and it is so very customizable. In a sense, it has a certain familiarity with the features I used to love in Evernote.
However, I am still a bit hesitant to make the change, because I still haven’t even migrated my Evernote data :dizzy_face:
We’ll see

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Thank you!

Yeah, I can understand that. If it makes you feel any better, I never migrated from Evernote and then didn’t fully migrate from Roam. I just started using Obsidian more and more. Figure I’ll eventually transfer over what’s most important to me.

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