I somehow broke Font Zoom

I have one of those mouses where you can almost scroll infinitely due to ball bearings. So when I used ctrl + scroll to increase the font size it immediately went to the largest font. The problem is; now I can’t scroll out.

Using ctrl + (-) / (+) or 0 to return it to the standard font doesn’t work either.
Restarting program and/or PC hasn’t helped.
The Quick font size adjustment setting is turned on.

The only way for me to change the font is through the slider. And after fidgeting with the slider the ctrl + scroll functionality is restored. That is until I zoom in too far again with my mouse wheel. Apparently, zooming in/out too much messes up the system?

Operating system: Windows 10

you can scroll, just it takes time to rever back from where you scrolled or use the slider

U might also want to disable zoom with ctrl + scroll. Settings > Appearance > Quick font size adjustment

You’d think, but no. After scrolling in for just a bit too long it doesn’t matter how long you spend scrolling out; it stays stuck.

will be fixed 0.14.8

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