I need syntax highlighting for some not-so-popular programming languages. Is there any way to add them?

Things I have tried

Downloading the code syntax highlighting plugin in the marketplace

What I’m trying to do

I need to add programming languages syntax to the highlighting plugin or to Obsidian itself.

The languages I’m missing, for now, are Solidity and Assembly. Other software do recognize these, and it is weird that Obsidian doesn’t support them.

Obsidian uses PrismJS for its code highlighting and you can see a list of supported languages here
Both languages you are after are on that list and do work in obsidian.

If a language is not on the list of supported languages, you can open a feature request there.

That’s great! My bad.

I thought Solidity wasn’t supported and was being highlighted by an AI. And regarding assembly I just had to choose something like nasm instead of assembly.

What threw me off was javascript being highlighted on EDIT.


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