I need help to understand Obsidian. It's confusing for me


I asked my question about what I expect from Obsidian, and a guy replied; it’s good for the thing I described, but It’s still confusing for me and can’t understand it. Maybe Obsidian is not a thing I’m looking for and I should forget and remove it from my PC.

The first thing I want of Obsidian; is to clip a webpage like Evernote and then apply tags to my pages. Is it possible?

Evernote syncs notes and other files in the cloud space, so we make sure nothing won’t be lost, If Obsidian works like it and our notes back up in the cloud space? (for the free plane). If not, and all things store in the local (hard drive), it could be lost or corrupt.

Please read this question that I asked before to see if Obsidian is right for me or I’m wrong about it and should search for another thing.


Before opening several threads with the same question: why don’t you

  1. just try it out in order to decide if it conforms to your expectations?
  2. read about its features? (and: yes, obsidian supports tags!)
  3. search this forum - there are plenty of really good discussions how to use obsidian for different purpuses, showing tips and tricks etc.

For clipping webpages there is a browser extension (for chrome and firefox) developed by one of the users of this forum.

Obsidian offers a sync service which is not for free, however. But anyway, you can of course use any cloud service and syncing mechanism you like - as your notes are stored in plain text (markdown) files, you are completely free to chose the apps and services you prefer.


Obsidian is way better than Evernote, Onenote etc as you can link to your other notes and much more. And storing the data first on your hard drive is on purpose because it is much safer an more secure that way. Syncing data by using any service is always possible, but the same is not the case for cloud based services. I am sure if you look around here you will find some good application of Obsidian for your needs.

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Sorry, thought this question is different than the first one I asked. I’ll check out the forum to see what’s going on. Thank You!

Hi Archie,

Currently, I use clip webpages I need to archive and use tags or names of people to find an article, but Evernote can’t connect related people or events together (like police do in the movie on the board in a police station!) to understand better an event. I hope Obsidian can do it.
Currently, I don’t know about Obsidian and some terms, like Markdown files.

Thank you, Archie!

Hi Masoud,

Obsidian can definitely do that kind of job, connecting ideas and facts (just like a detective in an movie as you said) and that’s what makes it special ,and better than, apps like Evernote.
For clipping websites you can use extensions like this one . Altho it’s still under development, and can improve, the app is new and in beta mode, so it is going to get better.

And Markdown is not a complicated terminology. They are like .txt files but just use some characters (Markers) to add stuff to the text. like using ‘*’ to mark a word as bold. They are much easier to use because you can use them and copy past them very easily.

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