I need help on how to make this design

What I’m trying to do

So I want to copy my friends Obsidian design. I am a beginner and have no idea how. Please help.

Design Above

Things I have tried

I have tried asking in the discord, and they all told me to just get more experience and start slow, but the only thing I want is this design. I know how to use plugins, etc. Please help!

The page is a “Canvas” and the “sections” on it are pulling in notes or parts of notes. The section notes are being populated using Dataview which allows you to query across the notes in your vault based on selection or search criteria and display the result as a table/list.

@DannyHatcher has several excellent videos on his YouTube Channel that explain this approach in varying levels of detail. He uses a number of plugins in addition to Dataview, but especially “Metadata Menu” which ensures the tags inside the notes contain the correct values to keep the Dataview queries working correctly.

There are a lot of steps involved in creating what you see there, starting from taking/creating notes with the right structure, content, data and tags. This can be made simpler with plugins focused on note creation/update. Once you have the source data, you then use Dataview to create the tables and the Canvas to display that home / dashboard page.

You might be better off asking your friend for an empty copy of their vault with just a few example notes/plugins in to get you going.

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