I named the folder "..." and I can't rename it

I went to change a folder name to “…” (my mistake lol). The folder no longer appears inside obsidian and I can’t open it anymore because now it’s an infinite path.

I have the folder backed up on github, my problem now is deleting the folder.

When I try to delete it, it appears that it is deleting thousands of items. Can I delete it without problems?

What OS are you on?

Can you not rename it by navigating to the folder and renaming it in your OS?

Can you show a screenshot or screen recording of what you mean by “it appears that it is deleting thousands of items”? Or a screenshot of what the folder looks like in your system’s file explorer?

Also what does “infinite path” mean?

EDIT: I just tested this on MacOS. I can navigate to the folder (in my OS, not in Obsidian), and rename the folder just fine. But I don’t know how that ... name would behave in Windows. If that’s your OS, chances are that it’s hiding the folder from you, (dot at the beginning of the means hidden) and you’ll have to configure Windows Explorer to show hidden dot files.

I am using Windows. I can’t rename from the file explorer. The option to show hidden folders is already enabled.

The first picture is what I mean by infinite path, every time I click it keeps going

It is in Portuguese but it says it is deleting several items. I didn’t let it complete the deletion but if I leave it a few minutes it gets more than like 3gb.

Wow… that is strange! I would be scared to let that command run like that.

I wonder if it is actually getting in an infinite loop and mis-reporting, or if it is actually deleting files.

I wonder if it would allow you to rename the folder using the command line. But it might have trouble recognizing the ... too. How to rename files from windows command prompt using rename command

Also… this should likely be a bug report. Because I guess it should not be allowed to make an illegal name like this, from the Obsidian interface.

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Maybe you can fix this mess by deleting this folder from console or powershell

Thanks guys!

I finally managed to remove it from the command line. :partying_face:

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