I made a program that lets you write to other notes from inside your daily notes

GitHub link

I made this python program (not an Obsidian plugin yet) that allows you to add to any other note from your current daily note. All you have to do is link the note you want to add to at the end of the text you would like to add with a greater than symbol in front of the link. Within a few seconds, the text will be copied over and the greater than symbol will disappear.

I converted the python file to an .exe and added it to my startup program folder. I’ve been using it for about a week without issues.

Backlinks work too, but it would be nice to have a way to add what you want directly to the file. I chose not to display it as an embed for right now because I would rather the block of text to physically be there in the remote file. I made this in python because I don’t know how to make Obsidian plugins yet, but it would be nice to see this made into one if anyone wants to take it on :slight_smile: