I love Obsidian

Hello guys,

I am pivoting my career to become a Data Scientist. This involves a lot of self-learning in many different domains : programming, math, statistics, web dev, and else.

Until I discovered Obsidian, I had struggled to retain all of this knowledge with a basic “massive .txt” file on a notes app which was hard to maintain and not really fun to work with.

Switching to Obsidian made it much easier to take notes on any topic I’m learning at the moment, in a much more creative way, and create links between the different areas I’m learning.

I have ADHD so the ability to take short notes on a subject before forgetting, to access it later, is absolutely a game-changer as it frees me from the burden of having too many stuff in my head that I’m anxious about forgetting. I can “explain to my future self” what K-means is in a way that I now I’ll easily understand.

My goal is to keep it for as long as I can, in order to create a massive knowledge base on my work that I’ll update along the way and won’t disappear with the time (unlike my university math courses :sweat_smile:).

Thanks !


Happy for you.
Also consider making a donation to support your favorite app now so that Obsidian lives a long way :smiley: