I just discovered that if I change the name of a link, it makes a new one... crap

So… all the info I had in a link including all its backlinks are associated with the old title. All I did was change the title of the link by adding a - or a number or whatever, and it made an entirely new note/link and not with the same backlinks. Not what I wanted. I want that if I change the title of a [[link]] that everything attached to it stay with it, not create an entirely new one! Any helpful hints for how to do this? Do I have to manually go in and copy and paste the info from the first link, then paste it into the renamed link, even though all I did was add a number to the name of the link… so inconvenient.

where did you change the title of the link?

you need to change the link name either in the note title itself or in file explorer. Recently, we added the possibility to rename a page where it has been referenced by right clicking on the wikilink. You can’t just change [[link1]] to [[link2]], how can we know if you want to rename or you want to link to another page.

I strongly encourage you to read the included documentation.


Thank you. I understand now that I need to change the [[title]] in the file explorer and that will change the entire link, rather than changing the [[title]] in the note itself which doesn’t change all of it.
Which documentation are you referring to? I’ve been using the “help” tutorial vault in Obsidian, tons of youtube videos and this platform.

I LOVE OBSIDIAN!! Years of frustration being resolved :drooling_face: so thank you!

Just to clarify in some more detail:

you do not have any information in a link, but in the note.

If you create a wikilink like [[Note1]] it is exactly what it is: a link and not the actual note title itself. If you click on it, it will take you to the note with the file name “Note1”. If you now change your link to [[Note2]] this will actually change the link but not the note’s file name. If you now click on [[Note2]], obsidian is looking for a note with the file name “Note2”. If no file with that name exists, obsidian will create it.

So, there is a difference between a note’s file name and a link to this note. If you change the link itself, it won’t do anything with your note.

If, on the other hand, you change the file name of an existing note (renaming it), any link pointing to that note will be updated automatically.

thank you that clarity, that is very helpful!!

The same unconvinece like you. How to autocreate files for links? Now I just double click links, but it makes me tired for many links.

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