I just came across this new way of using AI

Here’s a great way to use AI in Obsidian for free:

Use Gemini API, it’s completely free.

Then get Copilot plugin, and switch the model to Gemini pro in the settings then enter your API key from the previous step, and it should work!

Don’t use this way with any personal files or any sensitive data of any kind because Google says it clearly that your data may be read by humans for development purposes (or whatever).

Just use it with educational notes, articles, and so on

I don’t know if you guys knew this already but I wanted to share it coz I didn’t find anyone talking about that


Works – with a VPN – in my country as well.
Turn VPN on before acquiring API and when using the plugin in Obsidian.

Free VPN for 10GB (per account, hehe) a month: WindScribe (tested on Windows, Linux, iOS).

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How is it different from using the smart connections plug in, which can use the free GPT3.5 or even local models?

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The OpenAI’s API is only free for the trial period, right? After that you still have to pay.

As for local models, in my case I have hardware limitation, plus Gemini works fine enough.

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