I hope to provide metadata support for all files, including attachments.

Use case or problem

I hope that all attachments can have metadata that can be added. This way, I can associate the attachments as cards with other files.

Proposed solution

I hope to add a metadata section at the top of attachments such as media, audio, image, and PDF.

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Since not all attachment files can support adding metadata into the file, the only way to approach this (even an official way) would be to store the metadata in a separate file or database.

Since the metadata needs to be stored in a separate file anyway, you can do this right now by creating a note for each attachment, and associate that as a card with other files.

There is a plugin for that :joy:

But still, it would be nice to incorporate this into obsidian itself. At least for images/PDFs

What’s the plugin?

Are you suggesting creating a note for each attachment and adding metadata to that note? I am currently using that method, but it has caused me a lot of trouble. In fact, not only regular media, but also canvas requires this kind of design. My ideal state is to be able to achieve a state similar to Capacities, where everything is truly interconnected. In the recent updates to Obsidian, I seem to have seen some hope. I think that in the future, for canvas, where attachment media usually exists as a component itself, a better method is needed for managing these attachments. In fact, I think Obsidian currently lacks the ability to manage attachment files, and I am not sure if there are third-party plugins that can better organize them. If there are, please let me know. Thank you.

I stumbled over this one GitHub - qawatake/obsidian-binary-file-manager-plugin: An Obsidian plugin to manage binary files

But I actually meant anotherone which I can’t find right now… I tested it only briefly.

It simply replaces the image with a markdown file with the image inserted/embedded.