I have to repeatedly connect sync on my PC

I have to frequently reconnect Obsidian on my PC with my remote vault. Then the indexing process takes a long time as well. I know sync has disconnected because my vault has to index all my files. This happens at least 2-3 times a week.

I don’t see to have the same issues on my iPhone or iPad apps.

This is a common issue? I don’t know how to troubleshoot it since there is not much about it from what I could see.

Things I have tried

I’ve looked in the forum, in documentation, and online. But I don’t see much about it.

I wouldn’t say it’s a common issue but it comes up occasionally.

As you said PC, I’ll assume Windows for now. One thing to investigate is if there are any “cleaner” apps or anything messing with Obsidian’s files stored in %APPDATA%\Obsidian\ for that user account. This is where vault caches, what local vaults are connected to what remote vaults, etc., are stored.

I am running on Windows 10.

I saved my vault in the default “Document” folder. I didn’t want to run into any of the issues with using OneDrive or Dropbox.

I have Norton and and third-party app called Advanced Systemcare. It will run from time to time to clean out broken links or file paths. Is that the kind of thing you are referring to when you said “cleaner” app?

I’m mostly a mac user, so I can’t be much more of assistance unfortunately.

I’ll just add:

  • The Documents folder should be fine for your vault(s) as long as OneDrive isn’t watching it. Though, even if OneDrive was watching it, I don’t think that would lead to a remote vault disconnect (but could cause other issues).
  • Yes, Advanced Systemcare looks like a cleaner app with a quick web search. Check to see if you can tell Norton and/or Advanced Systemcare to not clean or rearrange things in %APPDATA%\Obsidian\.