I have canceled my sync plan, renewed it, now I'm stuck

Things I have tried

Hi everyone,

It started like this : My synced vault was malfunctioning : 0 result for any search query - no problem with my other vaults.

I didn’t found how to delete my synced vault so I have canceled my plan and renewed it.

Now, when I click on “Setup” in “Open Vault from Obsidian Sync”, the connection can’t be made.

I’d like to keep my existing account, plus I have payed twice :wink: Can you think of a way out ?

Thanks a lot

What I’m trying to do

Email them directly.

What happens when you click on “Setup” in “Open Vault from Obsidian Sync”?

This forever

First, create a full backup of your vault in your desktop.

Second, are you sure you don’t have network problems?
Does it happen with both wifi and mobile data?

Third, uninstall and reinstall obsidian from that device.

If it doesn’t help, send and email to [email protected]

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