I found strange hotkey binding that un-customizable, contains Ctrl + something

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Steps to reproduce

  1. open any file and type some text to test how much you want.
  2. press Ctrl + d, Ctrl + e, Ctrl + b, etc

Expected result

to happen nothing

Actual result

(note that Ctrl, not Cmd. I’m on Mac. )

Ctrl + d : delete text forward (same as fn + backspace)
Ctrl + h : delete text backward (same as backspace)
Ctrl + e : move cursor end of line
Ctrl + b : move cursor backward
Ctrl + f : move cursor forward
Ctrl + o : insert line below
Ctrl + n : move cursor a line down

I tested in non-community plugin vault, but these are consistently happens.
Is these hotkeys intended? I want to bind some of these to another ones, but makes unexpected behaviors using these. And cannot customize!


  • Operating system: MacOS Ventura 13.1
  • Debug info:

Additional information

Yes, these hotkey are intended and cannot be changed.

See our documentation for the most important ones:

A full list of all of them can be found here: CodeMirror Reference Manual,
some of them we did customize manually.

This is true for all applications on Mac. For example, open the TextEdit app, you will see the same behavior.

These are Emacs key bindings, and I’m not sure if MacOS allows offers a way to disable them.

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