I don't understand iPad interface for Obsidian

Things I have tried

Tapping these icons at the side
Tapping the Vault name

What I’m trying to do

I want to (a) see the folder and file structure of my vault on the iPad and (b) be able to create a note.

I can’t seem to do either of those. All my files are there - I can open the Home note from the Home icon and follow links. I just can’t see the folder structure or create a note. This is what I see.

Yeah that UX design needs work. I keep running into the same issue and I have to think hard.

The answer is the double-arrow icon. Bad icon choice. And bad placement.

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Thanks so much - I thought I’d tried all the icons but I hadn’t. For anyone else who’s puzzled it’s the icon to the right of Search with two horizontal arrows.

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I still pause every time I need to use this.

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