I don't understand how to move folders in the sidebar

I can’t understand how to move folders up and down in the sidebar. When I click and drag, I can only dump my “clicked” folder into another folder. I cannot insert it between two folders. I’m use to Roam, Dynalist, Rem-note where you can do this easily. What am I doing wrong. Thanks.

What platform?

I think it’s not possible.

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The folders “sidebar” isn’t a list of shortcuts like roam. It’s a list of operating system folders. There are no arbitrary ordinal properties for you to drag and re-order.

Though this is not currently supported, there are few feature/plugin requests that you could support.

Thank’s Y’all. I guess I’ll just have to be more careful about how I build my structure. Cheers, Ray

You might find these applicable.
I use index notes or MoCs (Maps of Content) for organization.


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