I don't understand how to do

I don’t understand how to make it, here is such a frame as in the screenshot for “Links to this page”. Tell mi please/

Sorry, I don’t quite understand the question. Do you want to know how to make a gray background?

I think he wants to do this in Obsidian Publish:

Which I believe, but cannot test and confirm at the moment - is done by enabling “Backlinks in document” for the relevant note.

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Ohhh. I thought at first that the question was about enabling backlinks (possibly in document), but the title text in the screen shot differed from what I see in Obsidian so I guessed it was from something else. Which it kind of is, but I didn’t realize Publish used different wording.

Yes, I already understood that such a frame can only be made in Obsidian Publish, but I wanted to get it in the desktop version and I could not figure out how to do it.

Ah, OK. Have you found the setting Sentiment mentioned, and did that work for you?

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