I don't quite like the current styles when I export as PDF and I want to be able to copy the style of another app

Things I have tried

Installing almost every appearance plugin available and exporting a template using each.

What I’m trying to do

I’ve been taking notes with another app before discovering Obsidian. I love it! The only downside is the exporting to PDF feature. It does not have quite the look I’m comfortable with and also it sometimes end up looking different from the preview.

Is there any way I can mimic the style of the former app I’ve been using in Obsidian?

I don’t care about the preview or anything else. I just want the files that I export as PDF look like the ones I exported with my old app.

You can use CSS snippets to format the PDF output. An example would be Releases · phibr0/obsidian-latex-css · GitHub

In theory you can mimic any output you want.

I knew about creating your own CSS file, but I don’t anything about CSS. Is there any way I can find what style is Joplin using and find a CSS file for Obsidian to add it as a custom theme?

I doubt it.
Joplin is a database app and the print instructions are likely to be quite different to Obsidian’s.

If you want a simple pre-packed solution, one option is to wait until you have access to Live Preview and see if you can achieve a PDF there that you are happier with. It would probably be worth trying more than one theme (again, I know).
The alternative is to try opening the file in different markdown editors (eg Typora, though that’s no longer free) and see whether you prefer the PDF export from one of them.

The next option would be to ask in the Obsidian Appearance Discord. But they are likely to need much more information about what exactly you’re not happy with at the moment before they could help. Though maybe another ex-Joplin user could help.

One of the issues is that only a small number of users are interested in the detail of print styling (that’s true in Joplin too).

Might be worth adding Joplin to the thread title, since ex-Joplin users may have more insight into what you are looking for.

I just use the developer tools to mimic the output that I wanted. I got the Gitsidian theme and edited the .css file as I liked it.

I am now using my own custom .css as theme

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