I can't sync pdf from pc to mobile or viceversa

When I try to sync the pdf files with the option activated (sync pdf) the files don’t appear in the other device but the green tick is showed.

In the computer:

In the mobile phone (Android), it is painted with black but this is what I see on the mobile:

Is this using Obsidian Sync? What does the Sync log say?

Yes I have activated sync in both devices.
And the messages that I get in the computer is: “Fully synced” with the green tick.
In the mobile, I can’t see the pdf in obsidian and neither in the file explorer of the phone.

Have you enabled syncing for PDFs on in the Sync settings for both devices?

Yes, for both devices. With MD files and images works very well but not for pdf. And the pdf syn is activated.

Sorry, to be very specific:

  • You have enabled and logged in to the Sync plugin on both devices, and
  • In the Sync plugin Settings (Preferences → Sync), you have scrolled down and enabled syncing for PDF file types on both devices.

Yes, I don’t remember if I activated in the PC but I think that yes.
I suppose that the option of sync pdf is in both devices an not only on mobile.

Yes, the toggles for syncing different filetypes need to be enabled on all the devices you want to use them on.

Okey, I should check that in PC and see if it works

Yes, it was this problem, I didn’t enabled in the PC only in mobile. After activate in the origin system, the pdf sync with the mobile.

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