I can't see the tab titles anymore


Since the last V1.0 update, I can’t see the tab titles anymore.

It’s very frustrating and it really demotivates me to use Obsidian. I am aware of the power of Obsidian, but this problem makes me lose too much time and ends up making me bored.

Here is what I tried to solve the problem (in vain):

  • Delete and re-download the Obsidian app.
  • Check that all updates are installed
  • Remove and reinstall my vault
  • Even if the subject of this topic is slightly different, I tried different CSS snippets that were generously given to me in this topic: Vertical title for notes after v0.16 - #28 by Growth_Fanatic

I’m really starting to run out of ideas…

Would you have a solution please ?

Thank you.

PS : I am on macOS

Did you try turning to default theme? Did you try disabling community plugins?

For now I’m moving this to Help, until it can be demonstrated that you have the same problem with the Sandbox vault, or at least default theme and no plugins.

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Just to be clear, does “all updates” include the theme and plugins?

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Hi @Growth_Fanatic, I can sympathize with you. When v.1 first came out, I hated tabs. Have you updated all? Going into settings, update Obsidian in the ‘About’ tab, then Themes in the Appearance tab, and then the Community Plugins on their own tab (as @CawlinTeffid indicated). You have to update Themes and Plugins separately.
Then maybe go back to the Default theme and see if that helps?

Actually, there is also a new feature in ‘Appearance’ called ‘Show Inline Title’, which is horrible and the first thing I disabled, it looks like you have it enabled. It’s the second entry under Advanced in Appearance

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You were right @rigmarole, @CawlinTeffid and @Smithy… The problem was from my theme. I didn’t see the update. Everything seem to work perfectly now. Thank you very much for your help!

And yes @Smithy I disabled the “Show Inline Title” too afterall


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