I can't save themes

when I download and install themes then exit and go back to obsidian, it comes back default theme

The community will probably need just a little more information before they can help you. How are you “downloading” the themes? Where are you getting them from?

If you use the interface, no further interaction should be necessary.
Settings → Appearance → Manage

This will bring up the available community themes you can use. Is this what you’re doing?

Post your debug info from the app “Show debug info”, and tell us more information. Like the OS you use, and any syncing tools you use.

My guess is you are using a syncing app - oh just let me guess… iCloud on Windows? - and you have file duplication conflicts in your .obsidian settings folder.

yes I just use themes in the available community themes

thanks, i fixed it

@rigmarole : Great guess! I have the same problem of Obsidian not remembering Themes, and I’m using iCloud on Windows to sync between my iPad and laptop. What’s the fix? Delete the .obsidian folder and let it create a new one?

My personal recommendation? Don’t use iCloud on Windows for syncing Obsidian. It’s known to have tons of issues.

The fix. Sorry I don’t know. Deleting all your prefs would work until the next time it happens. But that is extreme and you lose all your settings and plugins.

You can go inside the folder and look for file conflicts and attempt to fix them manually.

You can use a version control software like git, and backup your prefs every once in a while so you can roll back to a good state.

My personal recommendation? Don’t use iCloud on Windows for syncing Obsidian. It’s known to have tons of issues.

Was afraid of that…

Have been using iCloud to sync for a year+, and it’s occasionally flaky, but serviceable. I’ll start by cleaning stuff out to see how that goes.

I’ve assumed my problem is related to the fact that I have two different .obsidian folders, one for Windows and one for iOS, to maintain different preferences on the two platforms. It was my understanding that this was legal, but looking at them now, the iOS folder only has plugin info, and not any of the other stuff. I had expected them to have fully parallel – and potentially different – config info, but shared vault content, which would be ideal.

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