I can't find my data

I created a bunch of files and connections, then closed the app. Now I can’t find anything. So confusing!!

Please help!
I’m on a Mac.

That’s always scary. With what’s given in your message, there’s not much that anyone can do to help. There is a lot of context missing. Could you provide more information?

Obsidian vaults are (mostly) just markdown files on your filesystem.

Where did you create your vault?
Can you find the vault in Finder?
If not, do you have any data backups of the place you used to have your vault?
If you can find the files, are you just trying to figure out how to open up the vault again?
Were you using your own vault or working in the help vault?

When you created your post in help, there was a template with a few prompts that could guide you to providing the context necessary. I recommend going back and filling that out too.

### Things I have tried


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If you still can't find it, please write what you have tried below (e.g. "I searched Mermaid in help docs but couldn't find anything") so that we have a better idea how to improve our help docs and this forum.

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### What I'm trying to do


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sorry to hear that

Like @pmbauer said try to give more info, so that we can help.
I think this is the most important question:

My guess is you must have created your notes in a folder which perhaps was in the Desktop, Documents or a place in your computer you normally access.

Then when you closed Obsidian you might have moved the folder that stores your notes. Or perhaps they are still in the same place and you just need to find them in the vault selection menu

Obsidian deals with note different to other cloud based apps, everything is stored in your files. I get how this can be confusing though.

Let us know if you manged to find it, or if you need more help

Hope this helps

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