I can not add the "tag" frontmatter

When I try add the “tag” frontmatter, the editor will force the “tag” to “tags”.

So, how can I use the “tag”.

You’re editing in Reading Mode, and Obsidian has a built-in “tags” property.

You can just click on the “tags” field and delete the “s” without hitting tab afterwards (because that triggers the replace), and instead click out of that field to prevent it from changing (if it doesn’t work from the first try, try it again and it’ll surely work the second time)

However, the whole purpose of tags is to be able to add multiple tags (hence the plural form), so if you need to use “tag” for just one tag then you should consider using another property of your own (like “class” or something)

As of v1.4.0 of Obsidian, we have deprecated support for “tag.” Going forward, we encourage users to use “tags” instead. The automatic rename is meant to aid in the migration process.

from: https://obsidian.md/changelog/2023-08-31-desktop-v1.4.5/

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