I bought Obsidian Sync. How long before it's turned on?

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Hi. I just purchased Obsidian Sync today at about 9:00 PST, US. In Settings → Core Plugins ->Sync, it indicates “You do not have an Obsidian Sync subscription yet.” How long will it take before my subscription is activated?



p.s. I’ve been using iCloud to save my Vaults in the cloud, but after only a few weeks using Obsidian, it’s become so important to me that I need a more secure, stable, backup solution with versioning. I hope that Sync is that solution.

Did you use PayPal/WeChat to pay?

If you did read this:

Hey! Thanks for your interest in purchasing Obsidian Catalyst or add-on services with PayPal or WeChat! Please keep in mind that we can only accept payments for yearly subscriptions using these services.
Currently payments through PayPal/WeChat are processed manually, so there are a few steps you need to complete before you can make your payment: 1. Make sure to create an account on obsidian.md so we can add services to your account 2. Please send an email to [email protected] so we can watch out for your upcoming payment and so we can send you further instructions.
After making your payment
Please forward your receipt to [email protected]. Once you’ve sent your payment, we’ll try to process it as soon as we can! Currently, this may take up to 3 business days. Again, thanks so much for your kind support! Obsidian couldn’t have become what it is today without help from amazing people like you!

Disclaimer: I have taken this from the bot response on the discord


Thanks for the heads-up. I did not see that because I don’t read discord. I’ve sent the notification email.

I don’t read discord because I can’t stand the stream of conscious approach - too much disconnected noise and too little content. Frankly, this is the first product I’ve seen with two disparate support forums.

Another issue is that the Obsidian purchase web page does not mention anything about how long it will take for your Sync service to be activated.



Like this:


That purchase notification has several issues, including the message about when sync would be activated. A big issue is the format of the message - non-essential stuff is bright and readable, while essential stuff is difficult to read.

To remedy this, I suggest using only white text on black background (or black text on white background for readability. The message should be as clear as possible, emphasizing what the customer should do and what to expect:

Thanks for supporting Obsidian! Obsidian couldn’t have become what it is today without help from amazing people like you.

For Sync and Publish, at the moment, we only accept PayPal manually and for annual subscriptions. Therefore, please:

  1. Write your Obsidian account email address and the service you purchased in the PayPal “Notes” section.

  2. After payment, forward your PayPal receipt to [email protected] so we can watch out for your upcoming payment and send you further instructions.

We’ll try to process the payment as soon as possible. This may take up to three business days.

What is critical is making the message as short and concise as possible. This should make customer happier and improve the signup process.



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