I am looking for a way make handwritten notes in Ipad(onenotes) and paste it in OBSIDIAN and sync them

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do


Thanks to anyone which can help me figure this out and solve my problem

So, when i don’t know about the Obsidian i use to make notes in OneNote in Ipad and revise from them anywhere line on windows Laptop , android phone and ipad itself.

Then i found out about the obsidian and like the way it works and the graph view is just awesome.

So, i am just looking for a way to make handwritten notes in Ipad OneNote and somehow sync them or paste them in obsidian.

I watched videos and read many posts and didn’t find my answer. I will be thankfull if anyone can guide me.

I have:

  • ipad with : OneNote, Obsidian, GoogleDrive, iCloud

  • Windows laptop with : OneNote(app), Obsidian, iCloud(i think i can setup it), GoogleDrive(this too i can setup)

  • for most of the notes i want them to remain handwritten but i can adjust with it

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Export a hand-written note as a PDF file to a dedicated folder in GoogleDrive or iCloud. Open this folder on your laptop. Drag and drop the PDF file onto a note in Obsidian.


If you don’t need to preserve the handwriting, you could use Live Text on them. Live Text is an iPadOS feature that lets you select handwriting (or other text) in pictures and paste it as plain text. If OneNote lets you export your notes as images, you could then use Live Text on them. Or if they’re short you could take screenshots and copy from there (you can just tap on the screenshot preview, copy, and delete the screenshot without saving it).

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