Hyperlink superscript

I’m trying to make word definitions on the same file at the bottom of the page, or just numbering images without it impacting on the flow of the page (like adding header 6), an example would be.
I don’t really know the proper definition of this note element but here is what I Mean. I understand this can be another note, but I wanna link those notes at the footer also.

"This O.S. uses the Linux Kernel <sup>[1]</sup>
[1] Kernel is...

Also I wanna link images too, for example numbering them into the note itself would be cool, like “image 1.2” etc, what is the best approach to this?

Things I have tried

Using headers, but it impacts on the flow of the page.

What I’m trying to do

Do you mean footnotes?

This O.S. uses the Linux Kernel [^1]
[^1]: Kernel is...

I’m not sure what you mean with link images. Do you mean show local or external images within your document? Or do you just want to list our have links to them, somehow?

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