Hybrid Graph View - Local Mode

Sometimes it would be nice to not be bogged down by complex knots of connections in graph but you still want to see all notes and connections.

Although it may seem counterproductive, I think it may help to have a toggle to be able to simultaneously show all notes in graph as if they are all concurrently in local graph mode.

This feature would be especially helpful for forming connections once or if there is eventually an ability to save exact locations and arrangements of notes in graphs.

Having all notes independently movable around graph view without being constrained by the pull of their connections would be beautiful. Also we wouldn’t be constrained by visual tangles. There would be individual local depth settings for each note.

Also there would be a command to fuse the notes. For example, you are looking at note A and it only has one linked note, note B. Note B is also shown elsewhere in graph in its own “local” graph. So while looking at note A and its local connections, which is just note B, you decide to turn up depth on note A to 2. This reveals note C linked to note B. Still at note A you click the fuse command and now note A and note B are shown linked with a different style connecting line. This can be broken with a split. Also this new cluster of A and B now move as a unit. They also have the option to sync their depth settings.

You can basically rebuild permanent structure where you need it. You are not actually building anything, but rather revealing what you already have in an iterative and experimental nondestructive method that would be great for creative work. Often every idea links to many others, but you don’t want to have to add tags or design filter schemes on the fly. This solves that problem.

I realize there could be danger of overload if all notes are set to high depths in a large vault, but there could be protections put in place and honestly I think Obsidian could handle it, as they are instances, not unique notes.

I am either using duplicate vaults side by side or opening multiple local graphs but neither accomplishes the functionality. Essentially using local graph view side by side with image editor and continuously compositing screenshots is the only true workaround if you want to call it that.

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