Hundreds of copies of some of my vault folders?

I use Obsidian Sync, and access Obsidian in three separate devices: My Windows 10 PC, my macbook, and my iPhone. I also keep my vault inside a Google Drive folder. Until recently this setup worked pretty smoothly - the only times I’d have an issue would be when I’d edit documents offline (e.g. on the plane) on two devices at once (e.g. phone and laptop), but it was minor enough that I was happy to keep it as is and manually move around text.

A couple weeks ago I noticed something weird: A few notes and folders had been duplicated, so I had my and my note (1).md both appear. I figured it may have been something about keeping Obsidian open in multiple devices, and maybe one lost internet connection or something.

Today I opened my Vault to find several of my folders having been duplicated many, many, many times - see screenshot as an example:

you probably set up a directory on once computer as vault and the parent of that directory on another device.

Can you help me understand what that means exactly?

I don’t know what is technically happening. I just know that the help warns against mixing multiple syncing tools.

you either set two different folders to sync (one being the parent of the other) or by looking at your files the problem maybe google drive. You should not mix sync services. take the vault out of google drive.

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