[Huge Vault] Frozen White Screen

Steps to reproduce

When I open Obsidian and begin navigating, especially when using the map, the system freezes up, as if struggling to process the vast number of backlinks I have, and then the screen goes white and freezes

Expected result

Frozen white screen

Actual result

Frozen white screen


  • Operating system: MAC OS
  • Obsidian version: .0.7.6.

Additional information

Can you be more specific?
How many files and links do you have?
What computer do you have (specs)?
Can you post a short video?

Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 11.58.51

I have thousands of links.

It is difficult to be more specific about the problem, when I click on the map the program has a meltdown and freezes with a white screen.

do cmd-shift-i and see if you get some errors in the console

Do you get the same behavior if you have only a few files? like in the obsidian help, does the graph show?

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Yes, with smaller “Vaults” I dont get the issue, hence my belief it is a result of the number of links. Also, when I close all other applications the white screen takes longer to appear - i.e. copes for longer until the CPU eventually clogs up.

Do you remember the last action that you were doing before this happens?

Does this happen when you open the graph or also in other places?

when the window is frozen and you do cmd-shift-i, what do you see in the console?

One note, you do have an older computer so most likely the graph is render using the CPU

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What do you mean by render using the CPU?

In newer computers we use the GPU (graphic card) to render the graph.

Thanks @WhiteNoise!

We’ve already done a few rounds of optimization with the graph view (you can check the release notes, the graph got magnitudes fast when we switched from SVG to canvas rendering), and I doubt there’s much more we can do, especially with large vaults on older computers. Obviously it wouldn’t work with tens of thousands of nodes and links on a 10+ year old computer, and it’s hard to say where we should cut the line.

@Licat: if there’s not much optimization you can think of, I’ll close this bug.

I don’t think it should go white screen like that even if it’s struggling to render it all.
Does developer tools also crash when the app goes white? Does it say “disconnected”?

Try this and let me know what it does.