Hubspot Integration

I take all of my meeting notes in Obsidian for my business and then manually upload them as a call in Hubspot. I would love to have a plugin that can sync my meetings notes to the contact record in Hubspot for the appropriate person / organization based on the metadata I have in my Obsidian note.


I’m in the same boat. I’ve been looking into some kind of data export function but don’t know how to get the actual text of the note out of Obsidian and into something more universal. Once it’s in a database, getting that note data into Hubspot is easy through something like Zapier or Make.

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I’m interested on it. Maybe with DB Folder plugin? It can import and export in csv. I have no experience with it, but if you like I’m open to try things together.

@AMGMNPLK, I probably don’t have the programming chops to help create a plugin, but if you or someone you know in the Obsidian community does, I’m happy to help collaborate from a user stories/testing perspective!