HTML export isn't embedding images... I just a relative reference instead of an image

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I have installed and enabled both the HTML plug ins to allow for HTML export. Neither will allow me to copy-paste images out of obsidian into another program. I get this:

here is what the face color should look like
for more …

so it pastes as a relative link instead of the actual image.

also, when enabling the HTML community plug-ins, neither adds the command to the command palette when enabled. I have to quit and restart Obsidian. I’m on a PC.

I’m a newbie (abandoning evernote for obsidian).

test reply…

OK, I narrowed it down…

  1. after enabling a plug in, i have to restart the PC desktop app to get the command on the palette

  2. Copy document as HTML does in fact work for notes created in obsidian

  3. The notes I could NOT export with the images were the evernote notes I imported using Yarle.

So now I just have to figure out why these notes are different from each other!!


OUTPUT looks like:


whereas the files that work look like:

hello there ![[Pasted image 20221224080328.png]]

So the export works if it is just an image name, rather than a relative location of the image.

ah ha!!! Looks like a tweek to the Yarle conversion from Evernote is in order!!

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